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  • Thank you so much! Your answer is very helpful!
  • Hello Caline! On my browser (I use Safari-I'm not sure if your browser will format things differently) these are the steps you would take to change your profile picture: * At the top right hand side of this page there should be your name, a wor…
  • Dear Penny, Hello! I can't help you with your questions, BUT just as a friend responding to your first paragraph--I totally understand praying and hoping this goes well!! I've applied to work in the Academy and would like to serve on the Senegal pla…
  • Hello Brenda! I am attaching the link you can visit to look at all of the volunteer opportunities. From there you can click on the one that interests you and start your application!…
  • Dear Anna, I have a couple of suggestions! I haven't been onboard Mercy Ships so I can't help you regarding the best fit specifically for Mercy Ships life, however I used to blog when I would go on trips that people had helped me raise support f…
  • @MichaelCheston Mr. Cheston, Thank you!! I love to read and will look up "The Practice of the Presence of God". I will say a prayer now for you and your wife as you prepare to serve!
  • Mr. Cheston, That is so exciting that you and your wife are going to be able to serve!! I know I could just "goggle it", but who is Brother Lawrence and why do you strive to follow his example?
  • Andrea--WOW. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I chuckled at your "(yes, I do that on occasion)" comment because--same here, sister! I loved when you said at the end, " just remember that God gave YOU the faith and the grace for the s…
  • @WillCreene OH!!! Thank you!
  • Dear Susie, I am so happy you are going to be able to serve! I hope you can find someone to travel with. I'm very curious--what is a theatre nurse?! How did you get choose that profession? -Sarah
  • Dear Nelson, I am in the talent pool as well for a teaching position! I hope we both are able to serve--to use our abilities to bring hope and healing. -Sarah
  • Dear Amy, Thinking about you and praying for you this morning as you get ready to start this adventure! May the Lord bless and keep you and stretch and comfort you. -Sarah
  • Dear Ms. Virginia, I think it is super cool that you are doing this!! 
  • Dear Mr. Jeremy, Thank you so much for your message-for explaining who you are, what you do, and answering both of my questions! Your message was so encouraging--I can already see why encouragement is one of your words!  Since I'm in Japan, I use …