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  • Perhaps it depends on the department or whether you were already existing in the talent pool. 🤔 I am an OR nurse, and it will be my second time going. Not sure, but they must be making their way through the list in some fashion, because i got my dat…
  • I found on Navigator a list of people who are arriving at the same time as I am, which made me feel more at ease, as well as the name of the driver picking us up. It's all listed by flight number/arrival time and then it lists the names of the indiv…
  • Did y'all get your dates yet? Just received my email yesterday! If not yet - it's coming soon!!
  • I found the answer myself, for anyone else looking at this thread and wondering. The fees are pro-rated for the time spent there. You only pay for the days of service, not the entire monthly tier fee.
  • I arrive in Conakry at 1815 on February 17 from Paris. I looked at the pickup list on Navigator for who else would be arriving at the same time, and it looks like there are quite a few people for Mercy Ships arriving on that same flight! What do you…
  • How do I do that? And I was wondering how much the crew fees are for someone staying only for 2 weeks. I know the monthly fee for Tier 1 is $700, but if I'm staying for 2 weeks do I pay the full $700 still, or is it halved? Thanks!
  • Is this the same account that I have been receiving donations into through CrewMates? Or is this something different? If i wanted to pay my crew fees with the money that was donated, will this money cross-over somehow? Thanks!
  • This was a big question of mine also! I'm planning on bringing some 'quick dry' pants and tshirts for occasions offshore, since wearing a skirt isn't always practical depending on the activity taking place. Hard to match hiking shoes with my skirts.…
  • I'm happy to hear your flight is also the late one to Paris! It was all that was left by the time I got to buying my flight. It will be nice to have someone else, (especially from the same department!), to travel out of Conakry with. Looking forwar…
  • I know this is an old post, but I am a vegetarian on my way to Mercy Ships for service next month and this helped me know the options available. It wouldn't have hindered me from service - I can eat a salad and beans for two weeks if I need to - I d…
  • I've been looking for someone with the same dates as me! I am also an OR Nurse. I will be onboard February 17 - March 2! I have been a nurse for 15 years, an OR nurse for 11 of those. I will be flying out of Houston, TX at 4:05pm on 2/16, and finall…
  • I will be in the OR as a nurse on these dates as well! I am coming from Houston, Texas!! Look forward to meeting you! I have traveled to Ukraine a few times, but this will be my first trip to Africa, and first trip with Mercy Ships. So excited!
  • Finally settled on official dates Feb 17-Mar 2, 2019! How long did it take for your review process once the dates were ok’d? I’d like to start sending the word out there, and raise some funds towards this trip now that i know when I’m going!    How…
  • Officially in the “talent pool,” just waiting for the dates to be sent. I’m an OR nurse in Texas. I guess Guinea is on the 2018 fall destination list.     I was told that they plan to have the dates sent out by the beginning of next month. At work,…