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Hannah- Crew Support Coordinator


  • Hi Julie, Feel free to contact your National Office contact here in the UK for a chat and support. My name is Hannah and I have served onboard twice as a nurse. I am now working in the UK head office to support all British and Irish crew heading out…
  • : Hi Jane, do make sure you connect with your National Office in the UK who can support you during your time serving with Mercy Ships. We have lots on our National office section here on myMercy including our Support Guide for UK crew and an active…
  • Hi Alexia, Our Advance team who will be preparing the way for us in Senegal haven't arrived in Senegal yet. Once they have and have begun discussions with the goverment etc. they will inform the ISC, who will then distribute all the vital informa…
  • Hi Keelee, Thanks for checking in about the dress code on the ship. Here is a helpful video which you might find useful as you plan for your clothing onboard the ship. Head coverings are not necessary but you may want to wear a hat and sunscr…
  • We have many new crew coming to the day so far all in preparation for their service in Senegal! Would you like to come also? Please email me at [email protected] and let me know if you have any dietary needs. We look forward to welc…
  • Your UK and Ireland Crew Support Guidebook
  • @HyeonjeongBae You can simply go down to the locker room before your shift and choose which scrubs you would like. There are always plenty to choose from. Hannah Mulvihill UK Crew Support Coordinator
  • @AngelaFischer : We have a very well stocked locker room full of scrubs in every size for you to use. You are welcome to bring some of your own scrubs if you would be more comfortable and also for Funky Scrubs Friday but be assured that there are pl…
  • @VIRGINIASIMMONS : Hi Virginia, yes you have access to the crew bank during your time onboard. You can pay for your crew fees at the bank or even withdraw local currency if you choose to go out into the market or away for the weekend. They are most …
  • @JamesTownsend , @ian thornton & Flo - Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  • Hi Ladies, My name is Hannah and I'm the Crew Support Coordinator in the UK. Just wanted to drop in and say thank you both so much for serving with us. We look forward to welcoming you onboard. You will have such a wonderful time, Hannah
  • Hi Danielle, My name is Hannah and I'm the Crew Support Coordinator in the UK. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks so much for serving with us. We look forward to welcoming you onboard. You will have such a wonderful time, Hannah
  • Navigator is the internal intranet for Mercy Ships which you will be given passwords to, once accepted for service on the ship
  • Hi Bug, I spoke with you on the phone the other day and would be delighted to connect you with some alumni Crew Physicians who will give you some more information on what it will be like to serve onboard. I see you have completed your application…
  • You can also watch this video which will help you make clothing decisions while packing
  • Hi Chrystal, Lovely to hear from you. We don't have any specific roles for midwives on the ship however, we have many other roles onboard which you would be welcome to apply for. You can find a list of all our roles on It wo…
  • Hi Robert, If you pop into Midships and look at the cabinet under the stairs, you will find a folder full of information about excursions off ship and potentially other crew who are looking to go to the islands also. Thank you so much for serv…
  • Hi Tom, Lovely to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected] or give me a call to chat about your upcoming service on board on 01438 347493. Looking forward to hearing from you! Hannah
  • We appreciate you, Kerry!! Thank you so much for serving with us onboard. Do connect with your National office page and contact me if you need anything at all to support you before you head out there, Hannah
  • Michael, Thank you so much for choosing to serve with us. We really appreciate you and Laurie Have a wonderful holiday season before you guys get there. If you have any questions before you head out then please contact you placement facilitat…
  • Hi Laura, I can put you in touch with our current Hospital physician who is also British I will send you an email just now! Hannah
  • Hi Jennifer, So glad to hear you are coming onboard from London Make sure you contact us here in the UK office if you need any support at all. We are here to support you and help with anything queries you might have, Hannah
  • Looking forward to having you onboard, Kari. Thank you for volunteering with us. We appreciate you!
  • Hi Erin, In the Volunteer guidebook we have lots of suggestions of travel agents you can use in your home country if you would find it easier to go through them to book your flights. Depends how computer savvy and confident you are Make sure …
  • Great to have you as part of the team, Monah! Its been brilliant chatting and supporting you so far.  Every blessing!