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Support Raising

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The volunteer ethos – the attitude of being willing to help others without thought of personal gain, and even at some personal expense – has proven to be a well-spring of energy and enthusiasm which keeps us moving forward, keeps our organizational overhead low, and ensures as much as possible that donations go directly to medical programs in Africa.

By raising the financial support necessary to cover their mission expenses, each volunteer typically develops a network of 20+ partners in mission, or “Crewmates,” so we can estimate that for every 100 volunteer crew members, there are 2,000 people connecting to Mercy Ships, helping us perform our mission, in a regular and substantial way. 

All applicants are required to provide or raise their own funds to cover crew fees, insurance, transportation to and from the ship, and personal expenses. After acceptance, you will be contacted by our FinACE (Financial Accountability, Coaching & Encouragement) department, which will assist you in developing your budget and support raising. All volunteers must have a minimum of 75% of the necessary funds pledged at least 30 days before their start date.