Hi mymercy

Hello. I am a 2nd year respiratory therapy student who is thinking of starting back into the RN program and finish becoming an RN this summer. I was curious to see what you enjoy the most and the least about being a nurse.


  • DeborahLoudenDeborahLouden Member Posts: 11
    Hi Shirley,

    I have been a nurse now for more than 9 years and more than 5 of them spent on the Africa Mercy nursing in our hospital. I love being a nurse here. I love it because I get to be a part of these patients' lives in their most vulnerable time. When you're sick, or feeling unwell, everyone wants a gentle, loving person to care for them and whether I'm on the ship or nursing at home I'm glad to be that person. Nursing in the hospital on board the Africa Mercy, we care for the whole patient, body, mind and spirit. We build relationships and I love walking that journey with each patient, whether they stay on board for a few days or weeks to months.

    Of course being a nurse there are a few yucky jobs, dealing with body fluids and the likes. Each nurse has their thing that they hate the most. Mine used to be sputum, but then I moved to the maxillofacial ward where every patient is dribbling and phlegmy! I got over it pretty soon. Honestly though, there's not a tonne to dislike in our hospital here. You should come and give it a chance ;)

  • Ivanna FigueroaIvanna Figueroa Member Posts: 13
    My favorite thing about nursing on the Africa Mercy is developing such special relationships with the patients despite language and cultural barriers. I think nursing on the AFM is like a sabbatical for nurses; it's what every burnt out nurse needs. You get to truly experience the art of nursing and caring holistically for patients.

    My least favorite part of nursing on the Africa Mercy is the lack of professional development/challenging experiences medically. There are definitely challenges, and there is definitely a lot to learn, but the Africa Mercy is not considered an acute care hospital. Sometimes I miss being challenged the way I was on my previous acute care surgical floor.
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