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Internet, WIFI, calling home, etc

What is the Internet service typically like on board (I'm sure that varies by port country, but in general what's it like)?  Can it support Whatsapp voice calls, or skype video calls?



  • Found it - Never mind...

    " Please note, the Internet connection can be very slow, so please discourage friends and family from sending large attachments. Large downloads, Skype, web cameras, and streaming videos are not allowed due to limited bandwidth."
  • AllyJonesAllyJones Posts: 114 ✭✭
    Hello Miguel,

    It very much depends on the resources available in each country that we go to. We are fortunate to have a good connection in Madagascar, though it is shared between 400 people! Generally most things work here without a problem. However, in other countries we may be extremely limited so it's best not to plan on it!

    In each city we are in there are often Cafe's & restuarants with good connections so it can be a metter of finding out which ones... always a fun day out!
  • Jon FadelyJon Fadely Posts: 8
    Hi, Miguel --

    Now that you and Mireya are on board, how about posting an update?

    How do you find the connectivity of the ship there in Benin?

  • ChristophNerzChristophNerz Posts: 11
    Here in Cotonou the internet speed is so far pretty good. Skype and similar programms normally work fine. (a bit depending on the time of course and sometimes with reduced quality or it also can happen that it disconnects and you have to try again)

    For sails the only connection we have is over the satelite what makes it compared to what we have now in Benin really slow and most of the not work related services are disabled.

    I hope that helps those who will join us here in Benin for their planning. In case you leave your computer at home, we have computers in midships for public use. Maybe with a lot of kids around you ;-)

    So most of the people are happy to have their computer with them, also because you can sign up for movienight and watch films on your computer. 
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