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alec wiebealec wiebe Member Posts: 2
I'm thinking about coming and serving on the Africa mercy long-term. And I'm wondering if it's possible to get some sort of training while on board. Like an apprenticeship for example or working under someone.


  • alec wiebealec wiebe Member Posts: 2
    Or if I get the watch rating how valuable is that in the job world. Can I get a job with that certificate?
  • Peter KoontzPeter Koontz Member Posts: 15
    Hi Alec,

    My name is Peter Koontz and I currently serve in the Maritime Training Department at our headquarters in Texas.  We're excited about your interest in serving with Mercy Ships.  My family and I were on the Africa Mercy for 8 years and it was an incredible experience.  

    It is certainly possible to get training while you are on board, especially if serving in a technical department (Deck or Engineering).  There is plenty of on-the-job training but also more formalized opportunities, such as working toward your watch rating certificate through seafarer training path.  

    The short answer to your question about getting a job with a watch rating certificate is "yes".  Bear in mind that if you get your watch rating cert. while on the Africa Mercy it would be through Malta - our flag state.  Essentially you would be able to work on an EU flagged vessel.  That isn't to say that you couldn't work on a vessel flagged in the US, for example, but you would need to do a few things to obtain certification through the US Coast Guard.  A watch rating certificate is kind of like a drivers license - if I get my license in the US it means I know how to drive a car (hopefully!) but other countries may require that I get licensed in their nation to drive there.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.  That's what we're here for.
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