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My name is Jody Kissel OTD/CHT...I served in Cameroon and will be returning to serve in Dakar February 9th, 2020. I'm reaching out to any of the rehab team to see if there is anything I can bring that would be beneficial to the rehab patients. I would, also, love to hear if there is anyone serving from February 9th to May 9th that I have served with in Cameroon. Looking forward to serving those in Senegal.



  • AndreaSchmid
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    Hi Jody,

    We are thrilled that you will be returning to serve with us in Senegal! I hope your time onboard will be your best service yet. Thank you for your willingness to bring hope and healing with us!

  • SummerRosenbalm
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    Hi Jody,

    We are so excited for you! I spoke to the Rehab Team Leader about this and he said the rehab team could use coloring books, pencils, balloons, or bubbles.

    In terms of rehab equipment, they really don't need anything urgent.

    Thanks for asking!

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