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Hello! (And some questions :) )

Hi there ! My name is Mallory and Im excited to be serving as a ward nurse starting October 6th ! I do have some questions for anyone who has the answers !

As far as laundry goes, I was considering bringing my own detergent but because of the weight, I’m inquiring to see if there is cheap detergent to purchase on the ship?

Is anyone able to give me an example of the kind of clothes they find themselves wearing most of the time while on the ship? I’m trying to pack minimally but the dress code has me a little confused. I can’t tell if I should bring more casual clothes than fancier ones. Im trying to only bring the necessities.

Thank you !



  • CynthiaHarrisCynthiaHarris Posts: 27 - Current Staff


    Hi Mallory,

    We are so excited you will be part of the hope and healing brought to Senegal! You might browse through some of the discussions posted here and see if they are helpful:

    Let me know if you have more specific questions and I'll try to find answers for you.

    Cynthia Harris

    HR Administrative Assistant

  • CynthiaHarrisCynthiaHarris Posts: 27 - Current Staff



    To answer your initial question, there are laundry tablets (pods) that can be purchased on board from the convenience store. Hope that helps.

    Cynthia Harris

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 159 admin

    @mallorysims Thank you so much for your willingness to serve with Mercy Ships in Senegal! I'm excited for you and all that you will experience onboard.

  • lauriannaerblauriannaerb Posts: 4


    As previously mentioned, we do have laundry pods, and they are cheap. I definitely would not waste space packing your own.

    I made a few notes as far as clothes on the other thread :)


  • TeniahHowellTeniahHowell Posts: 19

    Hope you are enjoying your time onboard! If you happen to check this forum while onboard, it would be awesome if you could put some feedback up here on what you found most helpful now that you are there....Did you end up deciding to take more casual or dressy clothes? What would you recommend for others? We are doing our final pack this week, so would be awesome to hear back on what’s most appropriate in Senegal specifically. I am planning to bring mostly long skirt/casual dresses, but like you, I am trying to pack minimally. Cheers.

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