Electronics Technician Joining Jan 2020

Hi! I'm Nick and I'm really excited to be joining the Ship in January 2020 as the Electronics Technician. I'm in the later stages of my working life with two grown up kids and when I heard about Mercy Ships it sounded amazing. Now I've got a joining date I'm even more excited and I just want to be out there as soon as possible.

I'd be interested in any advice on what preparation I could be doing in the next three months to make my time on board run smoothly and productively (Refreshing my French is on the list already but I never found languages easy)

Looking forward to being part of this amazing community.


  • AndreaSchmid
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    Hi Nick! How exciting you will be joining the Africa Mercy in January as the Electronics Technician! I'm thrilled for you.

    The best way to prepare yourself for service is to read the Senegal Volunteer Guidebook. This resource contains a ton of helpful information to guide you as you prepare to serve. If you have questions to which you don't find the answers here, you can post them here, or contact your Volunteer Coordinator.

    Thank you for being one of our amazing volunteers!

  • ShelleyModisette
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    Hi Nick,

    We are excited for you, and thank you for volunteering as an Electronics Technician! As @JanEgbertDijkstra stated, the AFM is probably full of surprises and challenges, but we hope that you'll love it and the community onboard as much as we do!


  • nick_g-brown
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    Thanks everyone for your comments and good wishes. I'm counting the days now. Still got some immunisations to do, flights to book and pack of course but really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the picture @JanEgbertDijkstra , you all look like a friendly bunch. I like problem solving so it sounds like the perfect environment and I know this will be a great time to grow in faith too.

  • HannahMulvihill
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    @nick_g-brown make sure you reach out to us here in the UK office also if you need any support in preparing for your time onboard.



  • ChristophNerz
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    Hi Nick

    I was the electronics tech onboard for two years, but that's now already two years ago. (time goes quickly)

    Because there are times, when nobody knows the answer to your questions. (there is only one electronics tech on board)Feel free to message me, maybe I can give you a hint.

    The systems you will deal with are for example the fire alarm system, the PA system, pagers, and all kinds of other alarms, navigation systems...

    There should be most of the tools you need on board you.

    They provide working boots, and coveralls if you want.

    (I was normally working with a t-shirt and short working pants, so that was something you would have to bring yourself) but the steeltoed shoes are a must as soon you go down into the engine room. If you have comfortable ones already, bring them too.

    How long will you stay? I wish you a great time on board!


  • nick_g-brown
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    @ChristophNerz Thanks for the insight. I'm only on board for 2 months. Not my choice, I'd have liked longer, but on the whole it works well with other responsibilities I have at the moment. I hope I'll get on well with the AFM and be back for more.

    The work clothes choice is something which is not very clear from the dress code so thanks for that tip.

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