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Traveling from New Zealand

LeahMcCulloughLeahMcCullough Posts: 2
edited May 1 in Mercy Ships New Zealand

Hello Mercy Friends

I am looking for a travel buddy!

I have been accepted for a position as a ward nurse from the 1st of September 2019 - 18th of January 2020.

Anyone traveling from New Zealand from the 1st if September who would like a travel pal?

I promise great snacks and even better banter!

Love Leah


  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 92 admin

    Hi @LeahMcCullough ! We are so pleased you will be coming to serve as a Ward Nurse in September. How exciting for you! I hope you find that travel buddy, and I hope your time on board is rewarding.

  • wilkinjawilkinja Posts: 3

    Hi Leah. I’m also starting Sept 1st but flying out of London. I’m from NZ and going over as a Physio. Janet.

  • LeahMcCulloughLeahMcCullough Posts: 2

    Hi Janet. Yay! I am stoked to find another Kiwi! I look forward to meet you on board!

  • wilkinjawilkinja Posts: 3

    Ok sorry just realised I start 9th September. But will definitely catch up.


    Hi Leah, Where in NZ are you from? I'm from Mount Maunganui-Tauranga but working in Australia at present.

    My rotation commences December to March. Hopefully I will meet you on board.

    Blessings, Permila

  • icunursejbicunursejb Posts: 2

    Hi Leah,

    How exciting. I have only just started my application process for next year. Im an ICU nurse so that particular position isnt till Aug 2020, hence giving me lots of time to organise myself :) I am looking at volunteering for approx 12 weeks, so be great to get your perspective - keep us updated on how you go.

    Have a great time.


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