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Maybe someone can help me with this question :)

What's the average costs for a 9 month stint?

Thank you in advance!




  • AlyssaRoweAlyssaRowe Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff

    Hi Mark! I'd be happy to help you figure out these costs.

    For a service of 9 months and being a resident of the USA, your crew fees should be $650 USD monthly. You can visit our website here for more information about these crew fees. Volunteers also cover their travel fees, which would be a flight from your home to the country of service. Mercy Ships crew will transport you from the airport/ship once you're in country.

    Please let me know if we can assist you with any additional questions!



  • vilchesm2019vilchesm2019 Posts: 2

    Tha Tha Tha Thank you!!

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