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sam-the-mansam-the-man Posts: 16

I am asoming that there is Church on Sundays, is there Wensday service also. Is there also Bible studys to go to through the week.


  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 58 admin

    @sam-the-man yes. There are many opportunities for fellowship and Bible study while onboard.

  • SarahBurdetteSarahBurdette Posts: 33 ✭✭

    Yes, the services are amazing! Church is in the afternoon, there are also various meetings unrelated to worship throughout the week. There are also multiple opportunities for bible studies/fellowship onboard, you can find them all in the binders under the stairs! Get involved while you're there, I don't know how long your service is, but it's very easy to plug yourself in and get connected! The bible studies specify whether they are open for short-term crew. It's really easy to figure out, and they'll explain everything to you during orientation onboard.

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