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Anaesthesia Technician

Hi everyone

Ive been accepted as an Anaesthesia Technician hopefully deploying for 2020.

Any other anaesthesia techs here?

How is life onboard?

Kind regards



  • dimasammydimasammy Nr Posts: 4
  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 142 admin

    @shahbanm Thank you for being one of our awesome volunteers! I hope you have a wonderful time onboard during your service.

  • jaxie_ryan87jaxie_ryan87 Surgical Placement Facilitator Posts: 20

    @shabanm, nice to meet you! I am so thankful for your heart to volunteer. My name is Jaxie and I am your Surgical Placement Facilitator. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

  • shahbanmshahbanm Posts: 2

    Thank you guys

    Really looking forward to it all!

    Cant wait to go on a mission!

    Will be going to Nepal next month with a different charity so hope to use it as an experience for future Mercy missions

    Kind regards


  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 30 - Current Staff

    @shahbanm Hello! I hope your trip and time in Nepal went well. We are so glad you applied to serve with Mercy Ships and to serve with the team on the Africa Mercy. Another volunteer, who will be serving in Senegal, was asking questions about the Anesthesia machines and medications on the ship. If interested, you can read the info at @PERMILADEVIRAM

    Together we bring hope and healing. -Dawn

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