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Introducing Myself - Dietitian Arriving In September

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jess and I'm from Dubbo, Australia. I am super excited to be joining the Mercy Ships team as the Dietitian from September this year until June 2020!

I've known about Mercy Ships since I was in high school and had always wanted to come and volunteer. What I didn't know was that the Dietitian position existed! It was only last year when I was doing a random scroll of the volunteer list that I made this amazing discovery- that I could actually use my profession to help the Mercy Ships team.

I can't wait to arrive in Senegal, meet everyone and get started. This is going to be such an amazing God adventure and I feel so privileged to be able to serve.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and serving with you to change lives!


  • annalouiseannalouise Posts: 3

    I can’t wait to meet everyone as well! I’ll be working in the HOPE Center as a facilitator from August to June.

  • SummerRosenbalmSummerRosenbalm Medical Staffing Manager Posts: 16 - Current Staff

    @JessicaMepstead, We are so excited to have you! I hope you have an amazing time on board!

  • TeniahHowellTeniahHowell Posts: 14

    Such an exciting thing to see how God can use each person in their own unique gifts and experiences. I am so looking forward to meeting you! I have a real love for healthy eating/cooking and will enjoy many conversations with you I am sure. 😊My husband and I will arrive in December. Good luck with all of your preparations!! See you in Senegal.

  • AlysonSandersAlysonSanders Posts: 18 - Current Staff

    Welcome and thank you in advance for your service with Mercy Ships! Have a great adventure on board!

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