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Learning French

TeniahHowellTeniahHowell Posts: 6

I was wondering if any of those who have previously/currently worked on Mercy Ships have advice around learning French prior to serving? My husband and I are serving for the first time in December and I would really like to have a basic knowledge of the French language before arriving. I understand that there is some access to French curriculum once on the ship, but I was wondering what access we have to that prior to arrival?

Also, have you found it useful to learn French?


  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 27

    Duolingo is a great app to start the process. Lot’s of crew use it.

  • coraliedanielscoraliedaniels Posts: 1

    Currently studying online with Lingvist. Pretty good.

  • TeniahHowellTeniahHowell Posts: 6

    Thanks for the responses! I started the Duolingo and I am finding it really good. 😉

  • CelineDLegerCelineDLeger Posts: 11


    There's also French classes offered on the Ship in Guinea. If it is still going on in Senegal, you may certainly join in to keep up your learning. I encourage you greatly as the patients like it a lot when we can converse at least a little with them.

  • purser-afmpurser-afm Posts: 11

    In addition to the above suggestions, the Peace Corps has a free course online at also has free and premium packages.

    Good luck!


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