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Ward Nurse arriving in September!

rowlandontheriver_rowlandontheriver_ Registered Nurse Posts: 2

Hi friends

I'm Elizabeth from Dallas, Texas and I'll be serving on Mercy Ships as a Ward Nurse from September 1st-October 19th!

I've been dreaming about this opportunity for a lot of years now, and I am so excited to be heading to Senegal!

Anyone else going to be serving during these dates?


  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 92 admin

    @rowlandontheriver_ Hi Liz! I'm so pleased this is working out for you. I hope you have an amazing time on board.

  • alyssas12alyssas12 Alyssa Posts: 1

    Hi Elizabeth!

    My name is Alyssa and I'm originally from NYC. I will be going to Senegal August 25-october 19 and I will be serving as a nurse in the Peds ward!

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin

    Welcome aboard Alyssa and Elizabeth. THANK YOU ahead of time for your service in Senegal!

  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 32

    I'am so excited for you. you will really enjoy your time serving on board Africa Mercy.

  • sunflower8_sunflower8_ Miss Posts: 1

    Hi Elizabeth,

    My name is Hannah and I am also going to be serving as a ward(children's) nurse from september 2nd until Nov. I am 26 years old and I am from Bristol, UK.

    I am also so excited about serving onboard Mercy Ships! I can't wait to meet you!

  • alyssapryor31alyssapryor31 Posts: 1

    Hi Elizabeth,

    My name is Alyssa from New Hampshire, USA and I will also be serving as a ward nurse from September 1st-October 26th!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 27
    edited April 15

    @rowlandontheriver_ and @alyssapryor31 and @alyssapryor31 so excited for all of you. You will love your time on the AFM! I served for a short 5 weeks in Benin in housekeeping, one daughter for 6 months as a receptionist, and another daughter, Beth, serves now as one of the elementary teachers on board now and next year in Senegal. I hope you will all get to meet her. She will be in her third term of service. Some of her besties on the ship (and cabinmates) are ward nurses. That is one of the great things about ship life is that you get to meet folks who serve in all kinds of capacities on the ship in order to bring hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. It will be a God-sized adventure for all of you! Blessings!


    I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  • JessicaMepsteadJessicaMepstead Posts: 2

    Hey Liz!

    My name is Jess and I'm from Dubbo, Australia. I'll be serving as the Dietitian from September to June 2019! So I'll probably see you on the wards :)

    Can't wait to meet everyone!

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin


    THANK YOU for your service! We look forward to seeing you onboard in Senegal. Blessings.

  • SummerRosenbalmSummerRosenbalm Posts: 11 - Current Staff

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for being one of our awesome Ward Nurses! How exciting that you will be arriving on board soon! I hope you have a great time.

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin
    edited April 24

    Geaux @KellieMcGrewMcGrew!:) Thank you and we look forward to your service onboard in Senegal!

  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 32

    many blessings

  • AlysonSandersAlysonSanders Posts: 17 - Current Staff

    Welcome! Enjoy your time on board!

  • lauren1398lauren1398 Posts: 2

    Hey guys! Im Lauren, Im from New Zealand.  Ill be working as a hand therapist from september to end of november.  Cant wait to meet you all :)

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin

    @lauren1398 Thank you for your service. Senegal will be an exciting adventure impacting lives and providing hope and healing. You have joined a wonderful community that is here for you! Blessings!

  • bscharrnbscharrn Posts: 2

    Hi! My name is Bethany. I will be an outpatient nurse from September 1 to October 26. Cant wait to meet you all :)

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin

    Welcome aboard Bethany and THANK YOU for your service! We hope your experience in Senegal will be amazing and life changing. Feel free to reach out here if you have any questions, we are here for you!

  • KatrinaCrawfordKatrinaCrawford Posts: 1


    My name is Katrina, and I will be volunteering from 15th September for 7 weeks as an Outpatient Nurse. I am from Australia. I’m feeling privileged to have this opportunity.

  • mitchelgmitchelg Engagement Coordinator Posts: 22 admin

    @KatrinaCrawford: We our honored to have you aboard! Thank you so much for your service, and if you have any questions feel free to post them on here or reach out to our staffing department. Blessings!

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