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Hi, I am Jill, a retired teacher, and now a speaker for Mercy Ships. I live in the UK close to the Head Office which is useful. I am going to visit Africa Mercy with my husband when she docks in Gran Canaria this July and I have been accepted to go to Senegal for two or three weeks in the Autumn where I will be on the Dining Room Staff team - maybe peeling spuds. It will be great to be there. Anyone else new to My Mercy?



    Hello Jill, happy to know you would be visiting the AFM and serving in the dinning room, I was privileged to serve in the dinning room while the ship was in Cameroon, I call it the best department to serve , as you would have direct impact on everyone one on the ship( EVERYBODY MUST You feed everyone with good and hygienic food so that all can get the needed strength and be healthy for the days work.Greeting and giving warm smiles to co Volunteers as they come to dinning room 3 times daily for food makes you get to know almost everyone on the ship within weeks. Although it is tasking because of the work schedule , But i think it is an hard work ,i would love to do over and over again.If you have further questions about what the work in the dinning room, i would be happy to answer all i can

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    Hi Olamigokepkelola, Thank you for replying to me. I am a bit premature in my note as so far I am only in the Talent Pool and may only go if there is a place available but I am excited and hopeful! Jill

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    you will definitelly have great time serving on board Africa Mercy! we love you.

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    Jill we are delighted to have you! Thank you for what you are doing and what you are going to do to onboard. You are a blessing to many! Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Hi there! I'm Tirzah, a senior in highschool, and I was just pre-qualified for the hostess position. I'm very hopefull to serve while the ship is in Senegal! Do we know when they will be finished figuring out staffing for the trip?

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