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Introducing Myself

I've taken the bold step forward to apply as a volunteer for the Africa Mercy. My hopes are to onboard in Dakar, Senegal in 2019 in the position of "Writer" as I am currently a Florida-based Freelance Journalist @ [] It has been both an earthly dream and a spiritual calling to story-tell and report narratives from Africa and further walk into my calling to do Missions work. It all seems to click like a "Lego" with the possibility of Mercy Ships, so I pray this goes well.

In the meantime, I have questions. If you have ever served in the capacity of a writer, please share with me your day-to-day responsibilities. Is your schedule flexible? Where are stories published? How much time do you spend at the Hope Center and Dental Clinic? And while it sounds random, exactly how small are the sleeping berths and while I've read the ship was "chilly," are the cabins hot or cold? (I've heard hot). Thanks for responding. Penny


  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19

    Dear Penny, Hello! I can't help you with your questions, BUT just as a friend responding to your first paragraph--I totally understand praying and hoping this goes well!! I've applied to work in the Academy and would like to serve on the Senegal placement in 2019. I hope someone can answer your questions. And who knows, maybe I will see you in 2019! -Sarah

  • writerappwriterapp Ms. Posts: 15

    Sarah, thank you for reaching out with a response. I had no idea you left a comment back in December. Since my post, I have had my Skype interview and so, the wait begins. I continue to read myMercy and check out the thoughts, concerns, enthusiasms of so many awesome people. Yes! Maybe we will see each other this year in Senegal.

  • IrmaNoortIrmaNoort Posts: 15

    Hi Penny, how much time you will spend in the Hope Center and Dental clinic depends on the patients you follow. Within your work as well as outside work hours, you can go to the Hope Center. One of the lovely opportunities to meet our patients and spend time with them is to join the Sunday service in the Hope Center.

    There is not one answer to the cold-hot question. Some places on the ship are warm, others chilly or even cold. It depends partly on the location of a cabin. In some community areas I'd like to wear a sweater.

    I'm not a writer, so leave more work-related question to somebody else to answer.

  • CarolineKirchnerCarolineKirchner Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Hi Penny, I’m not a writer either, but knew one of the writers well when I served onboard. I think that there are all kinds of writing opportunities within Mercy Ships organization. I’m sure you will find your niche. Our daughter serves now in the AFM Academy and loves ship life. She tends to be cold all the time in her cabin (except when the AC is down). I agree with Irma, ya just never know! “The Boutique” on board offers a great selection of sweaters and clothes that others have left to donate. So if you are cold, you can usually find something in The Boutique. The sleeping berths are slender (no “wide berths”) twin sized beds with three sides against a wall and either the ceiling above you or the top bunk above you. The cabins are pretty small too. I suggest that you figure out how to store your clothes “Mari Kondo” style while on ship (google her if you don’t know who she is). Wishing you the best of success!

  • writerappwriterapp Ms. Posts: 15

    Thank you immensely for your feedback. I am in the final stages to receive my official letter: working with the Member Care Team to create a personal growth plan. I remain hopeful and wow, I've been more excited to live inside of a very small, chilly space with great people!

  • writerappwriterapp Ms. Posts: 15

    And also, a member of the writing team, with whom I interviewed, has accepted and responded to many questions I've had. Thank you Georgia!

  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 33

    africa Mercy is pretty good! do not worry!

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