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Staffing for Senegal

Does anyone know when staffing for Senegal will begin? I’m anxious to hear if I’m getting placed!

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  • DarleneGehmanDarleneGehman Posts: 5

    I had originally been told the end of 2018 so it should be soon. Anxiously waiting also!

  • HannahRadfordHannahRadford Posts: 9
    edited January 21
    @heatherpeterson I see you’ve been answering some scheduling questions, hope I’m not bothering you by tagging you in this! I was told the general/technical scheduling surveys would be sent out in January. Is this still true? I was originally in the talent pool as a pharmacy technician but since there will be no pharmacy tech positions in Senegal, I requested to be moved to the general talent pool and was approved as either a hostess or sales person. I am nervous that in the transition, my info might slip through the cracks, so I just want to make sure I know when to look for it!
  • SarahBurdetteSarahBurdette Posts: 22 ✭✭

    Did y'all get your dates yet? Just received my email yesterday! If not yet - it's coming soon!!

  • DarleneGehmanDarleneGehman Posts: 5

    I was told today that staffing still hasn't begun for Senegal.

  • rowlandontheriver_rowlandontheriver_ Registered Nurse Posts: 3

    I am also in the waiting game for placement and scheduling for Senegal, as a Ward Nurse. I applied in August 2018 for the August 2019 launch, and filled out my survey the day it went out on November 19th. Really hoping everyone hears back soon!

  • Hello
    Any new concerning scheduling and placement for Senegal?

  • NelsonMbunuaNelsonMbunua Posts: 4
    Hello Sarah! No I haven't received any date yet.
  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 131 admin

    Hello @rowlandontheriver_ - Staffing for the medical areas has begun. You should hear something within the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience as we add all the names of our awesome volunteers to the staffing schedules and offer dates.

  • HannahRadfordHannahRadford Posts: 9
    edited March 4
    @AndreaSchmid will scheduling for general staffing begin soon as well? They are not staffing pharmacy technicians in the upcoming field service, so I chose to be moved to the non-medical talent pool to be staffed in another position and am anxiously awaiting any news!
  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 131 admin

    @HannahRadford you should be receiving a survey soon, which we are creating for those in the Talent Pool for General roles. I'm sorry for the delay, but you should receive something very soon.

  • HannahRadfordHannahRadford Posts: 9
    @AndreaSchmid thank you so much!
  • DavidSiuDavidSiu Posts: 4
    Aloha, Andrea,
    I've applied for Chaplain and my wife applied as lower elementary teacher positions. Any idea when staffing for these positions will begin?
  • SedatTuezuenerSedatTuezuener Posts: 1


    I haven't received any date yet and wating any annousment.

  • CatherineLloydCatherineLloyd Posts: 5

    Im also waiting to hear about a position as a nurse for Senegal.

  • sjonson10sjonson10 Posts: 2

    I'm glad I'm not the only one anxious to hear something. I feel bad constantly asking when I should expect to hear something! Good luck to everyone :)

  • DavidSiuDavidSiu Posts: 4


    Please give us patience to follow Your leading. Please help the Mercy Ships team to not become discouraged with all the paperwork they have to sort through. Give them dillengence and courage to do their jobs faithfully giving You all the glory. Please use Mercy Ships to bless the Africians and share Your Gospel. May our service be a sweet smelling aroma of sacrifice and love pleasing to You. We pray in Jesus' name and for Your glory, amen.

  • DavidSiuDavidSiu Posts: 4

    Here's one man's perspective concerning the timing of our appointment. First, God is ALWAYS sovereign. He wants to demonstrate His awesome power as my wife and I have very little time left to build our prayer teams, close up our affairs at home, and raise some funds. On-Boarding starting in early June. Second, God wants to show me the holes in my faith. Again the timing of our appointment is forcing me to lean totally upon Him because there is not enough time to make detailed plans and do it myself. Finally, We are not letting discouragement creep into our attitudes but are thankful to be able to pray for Mercy Ships and you all. Remember, the greatest commands are to love God and then others, Mat 22:37-40. Life is about God. Mercy Ships is about God. All Glory to God alone!

  • Ready to receive a date!

  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Posts: 89 admin

    Hello everyone,

    Clearly there is a lot of excitement around Senegal! We are still working through a lot of the lists, and we don't have surveys for each position (it depends on how many we are asked to staff for a field service and how many people we have in the Talent Pool for that role). However, I assure you - you should be hearing from us soon! And for all of you who have contributed to this message thread, I've asked my team to reach out and give you a personal update. Scheduling our amazing volunteers for a new field service is a big job, so we thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Heather Peterson

    Director of Staffing

    @TatsapdjiaDimitriGildas @DavidSiu @sjonson10 @CatherineLloyd @SedatTuezuener @HannahRadford @NelsonMbunua @DarleneGehman @rowlandontheriver_

  • DavidSiuDavidSiu Posts: 4


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