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Ward Nurse Uniform


So I have a couple questions about the scrubs for the ward nuse. 1) I read Mercy Ships will provide scrubs but, what all sizes do they carry? And, is petite included? I ask this because I am only 5' tall so regular scrub pants are extremely long on me. 2) If we bring our own scrubs, do they have to be a specific color? Thank you, in advance for taking the time to answer. 


  • Tanya SierraTanya Sierra Posts: 4
    Hi Sadie!

    Thanks for your query!

    I've reached out to the Ward Supervisor and here's what she says:

    The nurses are expected to wear the scrubs supplied here, and we have are all sizes, including extra small.  Some of the nurses (including tall nurses J) roll them up.

    If you want to bring your own pants/trousers, if they are mid blue or navy that would be fine.  On Friday we have ‘funky Friday’ and people where crazy scrubs (or anything that isn’t normal!).  Please bring your own for Friday’s if you have them, as we only have a short supply of the fun scrubs. J

    Please let us know if you have any other questions and we look forward to seeing you on the ship!

    Tanya Sierra

    Hospital Executive Assistant
  • Thank you so much 

    ! Pura Vida !
  • Funky Friday with crazy scrubs!??😅😂😂
    How crazy can a scrub get!?😄😄

    Is the ID and password for myMercyShips different from MercyShips Navigator? I am trying to get in to do assignments. I signed in to myMercyShips with no problem but am getting errors for MercyShips Navigator.

  • heatherpetersonheatherpeterson Director of Staffing Posts: 92 admin

    Hi @JANETCWEST - I'm sorry you're having that issue! Yes - the password/login information is different.
    myMercy will be a personal email address with a password of your choosing.
    Navigator (and all internal Mercy Ships systems you might have access to) will use your Mercy Ships email address and (at least at first) a password generated automatically by the system.
    If you have any questions about how to access Navigator or your Mercy Ships email account, etc., you can contact our Help Desk at [email protected] or 903-939-7000.

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