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PICU nurse wondering about transition to Ward

Hi all!

Super excited to be joining the team in Guinea this February to Mid-April!

I'm a PICU nurse coming from a large teaching hospital in California with very high acuity. Most of the time I am 1:1 with patients. I'm just wondering, have any ICU nurses had issues transitioning to caring for 5-7 patients in the ward? I'm a little nervous it could be slightly overwhelming but I keep trying to remind myself the acuity is very different :)

Thanks in advance!


  • AnnaGoggansAnnaGoggans Posts: 4

    I have this same question!

  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21

    @AnnaGoggans when will you be serving?

    Anyone have any insight to this question?

  • MegginMajorMegginMajor Posts: 1
    Hi Rebekah! What hospital do you work in? Ive working in California some as a PICU traveler! To answer your question, it wasn’t difficult to transition at all because the nursing is SO different on the ship. There are standard med times which means you have busy hours and then hours when you aren’t really doing what would be considered nursing in the US..I call it nursing the soul. You play games and color and sing have your post op interventions and and therapies of course but it’s just completely different than our jobs here in the states. You’re gonna love it!
  • AlyssaRoweAlyssaRowe Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff

    Hi @RebekahHoye! I received a couple additional of answers for you via email!

    Jenny Darvas will be on ship in Feb and is happy to help you settle! She has offered to pass on her email address, so let me know if you'd like this!


  • RebekahHoyeRebekahHoye Posts: 21

    @MegginMajor that is super helpful thank you!! And also sounds so wonderful, makes my heart happy :smiley:

    @AlyssaRowe that is wonderful input as well! And I'd love her e-mail if you don't mind.

    Thanks everyone! I feel much less nervous, now mostly just EXCITED!!

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