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The quiet guy in Housekeeping

I'm very excited about coming to the Mercy first thing in 2019 with my wife, who is a nurse. We see this as an opportunity to serve the Great Commission and can't wait to get started. I'll be that quiet guy down below doing my level-best to follow Brother Lawrence's example, and to perform the best I can in keeping the ship bright and clean for my brothers and sisters. Looking forward to meeting my shipmates. If my future supervisor has any advice on packing or readiness prep, please send it!


  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19

    Mr. Cheston, That is so exciting that you and your wife are going to be able to serve!! I know I could just "goggle it", but who is Brother Lawrence and why do you strive to follow his example?

  • He was a 17th Century Carmelitte "lay brother" who served in the army during the 30-year war to escape his poverty before he entered the monastery and changed his name. He served in the kitchen and made sandals, and was known for his profound peace in everything he did. Later, his letters and writings became the basis for a book "The Practice of the Presence of God" (which I'm bringing with me). His constant prayer and joy in every small thing he did, (i.e. praising God while washing dishes) and marveling at God's presence in his life, has served as a inspiration to many, yours truly included. So if you see me humming in the hall while sweeping...that's what's going on.

  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19

    @MichaelCheston Mr. Cheston, Thank you!! I love to read and will look up "The Practice of the Presence of God". I will say a prayer now for you and your wife as you prepare to serve!

  • Thanks...blessings, Sarah

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