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PACU Nurse serving in Guinea Nov 11th-25th -Helen Breese

Hi I'm Helen and am very excited to be serving for the first time in Guinea as a PACU nurse.
I live in Cardiff UK and will be flying out on the 11th Novemeber.
I did recieve a lovely email from a fellow PACU nurse who will be serving at the same time as me, however I have sadly lost your e-mail (I think due to the updates made to the my mercy pages).
I'd love to get back in touch as I think we may be on the same flight?!
Also would love to be in touch with anyone else that will working in the same area or within the OR at that time.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
...not long now!



    Hi Helen, I'm flying out on 11th too, on Air France on the 6.40 ( I think) flight from Heathrow via Paris- are you on that one? If so, it would be lovely to meet up. I'm going to be working as an admissions nurse for 6 weeks and am starting to get excited!
    Looking forward to hearing from you ( or anyone else on that flight or working in admissions )

  • HelenBreeseHelenBreese Posts: 4
    edited October 2018
    Hi Jill,
    So nice to hear from you.
    I’ll be flying from Birmingham airport but at the same time so I assume we’ll be on the same connecting flight from Charles de Gaulle at 11?
    I think i’ll wear my mercy ships hoodie so anyone headed in the same direction ... can say hey!
    Looking forward to it hopefully see you at the airport Jill.... 22days and counting!
    Helen x

    Hi Helen, yes, I'm flying from paris at 11 - I'll have my T shirt, will look out for you, it'll be lovely to have someone else to travel with.
    Hope all your preparations are going well

  • JohnSudkampJohnSudkamp Posts: 2

    look forward to meeting and working with you. I am an anesthesiologist assigned at the same time period

  • I'll be working in the OR(nurse)
    from 11-24th Nov. Hope to have my flight details soon!

  • HelenBreeseHelenBreese Posts: 4

    fab! so nice to know of others before we even get there! will be looking forward to meeting you John and Peggy...where are you guys coming from?
    See you at the airport in Paris Jill! You know what that is what I am most anxious about... getting the connectinf flight!
    see you soon x


    Looks like we've got a team already! I'm sure there will be plenty of time to find the flight and folk to point us in the right direction
    see you there!

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