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Keep The Faith

They say the test of of if you are doing what you are called/purposed to do in life is if to ask yourself if you would do that thing for free if the opportunity presented itself. I can truly say that I love the work that I do and am so passionate about it. I loved working at home for my church and getting to do what I did and get paid for it. However, the greater test of my passion and devotion to my calling has been the last few years where I have been determined to do what I do with or without pay. This has been further put to the test further with Mercy Ships as we even pay and fundraising to do what we do--much to the chagrin of my parents and those who love me (LOL). I realize that it's difficult to watch from the outside looking in as your friend, sister, child lives a life centered around the concept that "God will provide". But, what I know to be true, is that I lead each day filled with that PERFECT PEACE of knowing that it's all going to work out one way or another when I follow after God with my whole heart.

But I haven't always been this settled with this idea. In fact, I went through a season where I fussed with God (yes, I do that on occasion)--asking why this couldn't be easier and why I couldn't be one of those people who was able to make millions (or at least thousands) doing His work. My struggle didn't come from my own need to justify it, but from the desire to make it make sense to those who were watching. I remember having a disagreement with my mother just before coming to Mercy Ships. To her, leaving stability and comfort didn't make sense. To her and others, the idea of paying and fundraising worked against everything they've taught me on how to be an independent woman. Now, don't get me wrong, my mother loves me and is one of my greatest supporters even in things she doesn't understand; but I could see the hurt in her eyes as she wondered if she had somehow failed in her independent woman training. My Christian mother struggled while my Muslim father gave me a thumbs up and said "way to go". My pastor worried about my finances where unbelieving friends said "Cool...I know you can do it!"

It's astounding to me where we will find support and where people may disappoint us. You just never know. After my disagreement with my mother, a friend listened as I lamented and wished I could do something different so that mom would understand. My friend's words were something like 'Andrea, it's not for your mother to understand. God gave YOU the faith for the work He's called you to. He's given you the faith for this season. He did not promise to give everyone watching that same measure of faith. Do it anyway and pray that she see's God working it out as you do.' Her words were right on point.

Let me assure you as you prepare to come here or if you are preparing to leave here on to another uknown, just remember that God gave YOU the faith and the grace for the season He's sending you into. While it's more comfortable for others to understand, it shouldn't change our decision on if we act obediently. And what you will find as you move in obedience is that God will use you and your walk to testify to His goodness, His character, His ability to do "exceedingly, abundantly, above ANYthing we ask or think" (Eph 3.20) in our lives and beyond. My mom and I are living examples of this truth and I know that God can and wants to do the same thing in your life.

So my words to you today in summary: KEEP THE FAITH!


  • Jared ChaconJared Chacon Posts: 33 - Alumni
    Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!
  • Lisa HALELisa HALE Posts: 3
    Thankyou for these words! this is exactly what I need to hear right now:)
  • Alison JoyAlison Joy Posts: 4
    I just loved reading your comments and you sharing your's so true...God gives us faith to Knock and when the door opens faith to step into what he has in store...I'm just finishing off my application and trusting him so reading this was great:) love Ally

  • Thank you for sharing! You have a very good friend. It's definitely a word fittly spoken! To have the understanding that our Lord gives us the faith that will be required to complete His will is AWESOME! Truly, HE will fill us!
  • SarahLeffelSarahLeffel Posts: 19

    Andrea--WOW. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I chuckled at your "(yes, I do that on occasion)" comment because--same here, sister! I loved when you said at the end, " just remember that God gave YOU the faith and the grace for the season He's sending you into." --this is an encouraging reminder.

  • writerappwriterapp Ms. Posts: 15

    _Andrea, I am just applying and logging on to MercyMe. Your poignant words really blessed me. I am remaining "Mum" during my application process because the distraction from friends who don't see or understand God's vision for my life can and will stifle my focus...if I let it. Indeed this is a personal God-Mission for me and so from beginning to end, it's going to be me and God (Him first of course)!

  • TeniahHowellTeniahHowell Posts: 19

    Really beautifully written and shared from the heart. Thank you for such an encouraging word.

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