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Mercy ships the long way round or It's me, Mario....

My name is Ross McIlwraith.
Why Mercy ships the long way round?
I first heard of the Mercy Ships organisation not long after I had spent some time in the late 90's on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Fast forward nearly twenty years, four children two dogs, three goldfish (One called Elvis) later and now thirty plus years of OR experience, I am now freed up, to pursue the slowly cooking conviction that I can value-add my professional experience to the lives of others, in volunteering my skills, experiences and service on the Africa Mercy next year, as a scrub- circulating nurse in the OR. - Old Dudes (can) rock.. Woo

So now begins the final lap of my long way round trip to Mercy Ships, waiting for the date for next year's trip to Guinea .- Old Dudes (can) rock.. Woo
(BTW Elvis is been sited in a lovely pond in downtown Adelaide, South Australia...)


  • AlyssaRoweAlyssaRowe Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff
    Hi Ross!

    What a fun story! We are excited to have you joining our OR Team.....finally!wink


  • SherrySealsSherrySeals Posts: 7
    Hey Ross.
    Your story is great. Mine is similar. I heard about Mercy Ships when my youngest was a baby. He finished school last year and is off in the army.
    My turn to go off in adventure now.
    See you in December. :)
  • RossMcIlwraithRossMcIlwraith Posts: 9
    Hi Sherry and Alyssa

    My final rabies shot today.angry

    Now I think I only have two more jabs to go.. Woowoo.

    The RN who gave me the inj pronounced rabies like babbies but I'm thankful for the armful of holes, just in case..

    Hope to see you both sometime


    Ross McMercyships

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