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GoFundMe? YouCaring? Mercy Ships fundraising? Help me decide!

Hello! I'm getting very excited to serve as a Ward Nurse in August through January of this year, but my mind is spinning thinking about raising the funds for this service.

I'm wondering if it's better to raise funds through the Mercy Ships website, or if a third-party website like YouCaring or GoFundMe would be best? Seems like there are pros and cons to both, so I'd love input on what has worked in the past!

Any advice would help :)

Thank you!!


  • Hey Olivia, 

    I have to start deciding how I'll fundraise soon too. For me, I won't be using a third party like GoFundMe because a portion of the proceeds are taken by the website. I think every dollar of someone's donation should be used for what they intended it for, so I will just be collecting through MercyShips.

    Third party sites are easier to use sometimes, so I think it will just depend on your preference. 

    Hope that helps, 

  • I am a new accepted volunteer and have not started on funding. I am open to ideas on best ways for this to be done. I thought I might possibly being going in August as OR nurse/opthalmology but think I'm on a wait list now. Any help on how the process works is greatly appreciated. 
  • SherrySealsSherrySeals Posts: 7
    I am hoping to be accepted as a dental assistant next spring. So i haven't started fundraising yet but i have fund raised for mission trips before. I sent a letter to EVERYONE I know / have known or could think of personally. This time i am also going to contact all the dentist in my area, especially the specialist we refer to. How about suppliers to your company. We also had rummage sales. You could hire yourself out as personal shopper or chore doer. Lots of ways to raise money, God will do it for you. :)
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