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My husband and I are so excited to one day serve with the Africa Mercy! We are in the process of finalizing the adoption of our three year old daughter from Thailand so we won't be able to travel for at least a year but we're starting to save and look forward to applying, we would really like to come for several years at least. I am a nurse with 6 years experience ER and PACU and I also have a masters in Clinical Leadership so I think there are a variety of positions on board where I could be useful, in either full or part time jobs. My husband has a strong government and communications background and would probably be most effective in the communications department or as a Purser. Our question is, we know one of us would have to be the primary care giver for our daughter, should we both apply for jobs or just one of us? We see that the Purser job online says it will be available in January 2020, is that something we could be applying for now or should we still wait til we're 6 months out from volunteering? 




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    Hi Elissa,

    I'm thrilled that you guys are thinking of applying to work with Mercy Ships! My wife & I served on board together for over three years. We have just added to our number with our son, who we hope to take to the Ship one day!

    You should both fill out an application form uisng the oline tool at but if your husband is likely to take on the full-time role, then he should apply for the position that most suits him. You would then be put in touch with someone from HR who can walk you both through the process.

    There are positions in Communications too, so make sure you check them out!
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