I'm a nurse anesthetist and am interested in possibly volunteering at some point in the future.  I am curious as to what the average cost is to volunteer for 2 weeks, and the breakdown of costs.

Thank You,

Lori Nading


  • AllyJones
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    Hi Lori,

    I will try to breakdown the costs for you, but it's actually pretty simple!

    The Crew Fee rate for a 2-week Anaesthetist position is $700/month. So for two weeks, it would be $350. That covers your accomodation & food etc.

    All volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses (up to the airport of our host country, where you will be picked up by a Crew member), as well any extra insurance you will want. Mercy Ships covers all short-term Crew with evacuation/repatriation insurance, but Crew can purchase a top-up to that programme, which is individually specific (as in, I can't give you an estimate).

    You will also probably want to have some spending money! Cameroon will be slightly more expensive than other countries we've been, so depending on how much you want to eat out & explore, I would budget it based on your local costs, cos it will probably be somewhere close to that.

    They are all of the normal expenses that people can expect.

    I hope that helps.

  • DarylGray
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    Would this be similar for an OR nurse?
  • DawnCrowther
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    Yes, Daryl. The Crew Fee rate is based on ones nationality, length of service, and there is a discount for alumni.  Details can be found on our Volunteer page, How to Apply, and then Financial Obligations. 

    Sincerely, Dawn
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