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Here are some tips and tricks for using this forum:

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the "Help" category if you are confused or need assistance with this new forum. Thanks again for your continued support of Mercy Ships and the myMercy community!


  • how can I change my email account in My Mercy

  • Thank you’!
  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 33

    glad to be menber of my mercy community

  • I am now working on my application for the Senegal trip next February. I am so excited and have many questions! Would like info on airlines to fly out of and approximate cost of tickets. Getting all the documents in order is taking some effort on my part but I am sure it will be well worth it! This has been a goal and a dream for me for years and I am so glad it is coming true. Pointers from past OR Nurse volunteers would be great!

  • lhastingslhastings Posts: 1

    Hi My Name is Lisa I will be onboard Dec. 1st until February 23rd. My question is regarding the airports we can fly into, is DSS also acceptable instead of DKR?

  • AndreaSchmidAndreaSchmid Programs Senior Staffing Manager Posts: 126 admin

    @lhastings Yes, DSS is acceptable. See Travel Information in our Senegal Guidebook.

    Thank you for your upcoming service! I hope it's a wonderful experience for you.

  • anamalattaanamalatta Posts: 33

    hello everyone, i'am Latta anama from Togo west Africa. i will be serving with Africa Mercy in november 02, 2019 as a housekkeper. would like to serve the ship help bring Hope and Healing forgotten people. want connect people who are on board the ship..

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