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What to expect working in PACU

What am I to expect working in PACU on Mercy Ships? Are they 8 hour shifts or 12? Both Adult and Peds? Work with a buddy or recover on your own? Ratio?

Thank you!

Kelly A.


  • Hi Kelly, 

    I am the nurse educator for the OR.  So glad to hear you will be working in PACU.  On the ship, PACU can accommodate 4 patients at one time.  We try to staff it with 3-4 nurses, along with a day crew translator. There are two shifts, both 8 hours: 0900-1730 and 1230-2100.  These can be flexible to meet the needs of the OR but the change would not be so drastic  with times. We do both adult and pediatric population on the ship with a ratio of 1:1 nurse:patient.  Having said that, there are always minimum two nurses in PACU if there is a patient.  Looking forward to meeting you.    Blessings,  Brenda
  • Hi

    Thank you both, Kelly for asking the questions and Brenda for answering. These were things I wanted to find out too. 

    Kelly when will you be in Guinea? I’ll be there working in PACU in November (11th-24th.)


  • I will be on board February 3 -16 2019. Thank you Brenda for answering my question. Just trying to get a little insight on what to expect. Looking forward to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Mercy Ships come February.
  • caysibonescaysibones Posts: 3

    This was great info to come across! Brenda, are you still the OR Educator? Is this still accurate info?

  • DawnCrowtherDawnCrowther Surgical Staffing Manager Posts: 30 - Current Staff

    @caysibones For the Senegal 2019/2020 field service, another volunteer is filling the Operating Room Educator role. She is not yet on myMercy. A few weeks prior to your arrival, you will receive an email from OR Department and it will include an orientation manual for the OR and PACU. I will reach out to the OR Team to ask if the info above is still accurate. -Dawn

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