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Dose anyone travel after MS postings?

Hi guys!

I am very excited to become one of the crew and will be one of the admissions nurses between Oct-Nov 18. I just wanted to know is it common for people to meet others and travel together after they serve on the boat? Or travel independently after their posting? 

Many thanks,



  • AlyssaRoweAlyssaRowe Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff
    Hi Julia!

    Thank you for your upcoming service as an Admissions Nurse! Hope you find a travel matesmiley


  • WillCreeneWillCreene Posts: 12
    Many people travel after serving on the Ship. You will make lifelong friends aboard - I know a few friends I met on my first service who traveled together afterwards. I will be serving for my second time in October and am going to Morocco after with my girlfriend, who I met on the ship last time! We will meet you in October. Looking forward to it!

  • Thanks Will that is really useful! I look forward to meeting you both.

    All the best,

  • TaraNortonTaraNorton Posts: 7
    Hi Julia,

    I am working as an admissions nurse from the 7th of October to the 10 November.  We will be working together!  If you would like to chat before we meet up in a couple of weeks, please drop me an email.

    I look forward to meeting you on board and working with you!! 


  • Good question, I would love to link up with someone traveling around Dec 3rd...anyone??
  • HyeonjeongBaeHyeonjeongBae Posts: 10
    Sounds so exciting ! I want to travel after the serving, too. Where do youguys recommend for traveling. Morroco and Spain ? I think there is not many options since the flights from Conakry are very limited and expensive.
  • WillCreeneWillCreene Posts: 12

    HyeonjeongBae if you are flying through Brussels like many Mercy Shippers, you can get to many other places in Europe for quite cheap. Look into some of the budget European airlines and you'll find you can get all over Europe with flights often less than 100 Euro and sometimes less than 50 Euro if you don't have checked luggage.

    Morroco is fairly cheap to get to as well! We added Morocco to our travel itinerary because flying through there was the cheapest way anyway, so making an extra 5-day holiday of it will not cost us any more in flights.

  • I am going to Kenya on safari at New Year's!
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