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KimMarlattKimMarlatt Posts: 12

I am coming to Conakry Jan 6 2019 on flight AC 6338 from Brussels, Any one out there on the same flight? Perhaps we can find each other in Brussels.  I am actually coming from Toronto, Ontario.

Hoping to hear from someone. I will be working as an operating room nurse.



  • RachelDickRachelDick Posts: 1

    Hi Kim,

    I am travelling the same day as you! I am working as a ward nurse. I'll be flying through Toronto to Brussels (and then on to Conakry). My flight from Toronto is on Jan. 5. Maybe we can try to connect there?

  • AnnChickAnnChick Posts: 3

    I am also arriving that same day from Brussels. I think my flight number is different, but may change by then. Hopefully we can hook up at some point.

  • Hello, I will also be in Brussels on Jan 6th. The airline I am booked with is Brussels Airline flight 205. I will be working in wound care. It would be great to meet up with you all.

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