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Alumni forum

Hey y'all. Hope all is well. I'm having trouble accessing the alumni forum from the drop down. Is this a dead link?

Also, y'all need to fix the Message box here. My mobile device does not automatically make the first letter of a new line a capital, which by proper design it should. 



IS Nov 16-Jan 17



  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 91 admin
    Hi, Zach!

    Thanks for your support and service with us!

    I just tested the Alumni Center drop down option and it worked for me. Here's the link - I hope you don't experience any further difficulties.

    Also, thank you bringing that design issue for mobile devices to our attention. I will pass that along for adjustment immediately.

    Blessings to you! We hope to see you onboard again one day soon.



    myMercy Community Manager

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