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Crewmates Support Raising

Question, the funds raised through my Crewmates website page via Mercy Ships, will those funds directly go into the Crew Bank on the Mercy Ship? For example, funds raise for Crew Fees, will those go into the Crew Bank directly or do I need to fill a ARP Expense Report and then bring that money with me to Mercy Ships??



  • MichelleWallaceMichelleWallace Posts: 4
    Hi Sarah!

    I am the FinACE facilitator for Mercy Ships and I would love to help you with your question.

    All donations that are made through your CrewMates page are processed through Mercy Ships and therefore will go into your Short-Term ARP Account. Since you are serving short term all of your funds will go into your short-term ARP Account and not into your Crew Bank Account. As funds are available in your short term ARP Account, you can use those funds to pay your crew fees at the Crew Bank or have them auto-debit it from your short-term ARP Account once you get on board the Africa Mercy.

    If you don't have the funds available in your short-term ARP Account when you arrive on board you can pay for your Crew fees personally and then submit an ARP Expense Report and a General Ledger Receipt so that you can be reimbursed as funds become available. 

    Please feel free to email us here or at [email protected],org if you need more clarity. 


  • SarahJohnsonSarahJohnson Posts: 4
    Thank you so much! That is very helpful!!
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