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How do we send packages to crew on board without them being charged?


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    This information can be found in our Volunteer Guidebook, pages 11-12, which you can download here. Unfortunately, there is not a way to avoid charges to the crew, unless the item is smaller than one ounce. Sometimes, the sender of the package will include $10 (or more, depending on the weight of the package), so that the volunteer recovers the cost of receiving the package. I have inserted an excerpt below, and highlighted the portion that applies to your question:

    MAIL / POST Letters, packages, etc. will be forwarded regularly to the ship. Please advise your family and friends that it could take several weeks for mail to reach you in Africa. If you are sent packages (or anything over 1 ounce), you will be charged $8.80/ pound ($0.55 per ounce or 28.4g). In addition to letters, other common items that are sent to the ship include toiletries, snacks/food, office supplies, games, clothing, electronics, and books.  U.S. and UK postage stamps are available on board. Crew members returning home to these countries are often asked to carry mail back with them to be posted. To receive personal mail, have your letters mailed to the International Support Center (ISC) or our European Distribution Centre. Please note: we cannot cover personal items in the event of a loss.

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if we can assist you further.

    Best Regards,

    Tesse Loveless

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