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Hostess Position Details

Hello everyone!

My name is Scarlett and I’m a senior in college, set to graduate in December. I have an upcoming gap in my scholastic career and I’d very much like to fill it by volunteering with Mercy Ships. I’ve looked at all the available positions, and I think the hostess job is the best fit for me, because it includes so many of the things I love to do! I have just a couple of quick questions about the day-to-day duties of the position. I read the lovely post originally made by Daniella and everyone’s replies, but I still have more questions :)

1) What does a typical day as a host(ess) look like?

2) When the host(ess) prepares the cabin for new guests and crew, does that include regular preparation of rooms, like cleaning and changing linens, or is it something the host(ess) does only for new arrivals?

3) When on-call, what kind of duties are expected?

4) Do the hostesses ever get a chance to interact with incoming/outgoing patients?

5) If you were/are in the hostess position, what was/has been your favorite part so far?

Thanks in advance for the replies!

With Christ’s Love,



  • Jeremy BrewerJeremy Brewer Posts: 82
    Hello Scarlett,

    I'm Jeremy, one of the recruiter's here at Mercy Ships, and I'm so glad you will soon be joining us on board the Africa Mercy.  You've done a great job jumping on to myMercy and reaching out to the online community with your questions.  They will be an awesome resource for your detailed questions.

    In regards to those questions, you mentioned reading Daniella's post.  I also encourage you to check out Katie Stull‍'s post too:  She gives a really good overview of what a day looks like for the hospitality team, including busy days vs. slow days, and it addresses some of your questions.  She is also still active here on myMercy too, so you can reach out to her personally for further questions. 

    If you'd like to ask any really in-depth details about your duties during while on board, Brad Morgan‍, the Hotel Services manager can help you too.  You can connect with him here on myMercy or email him directly at [email protected].

    In regards to interacting with patients, this will likely be minimal.  Protocol agreements with the countries we serve necessitate that those working in the hospital ward are currently licensed, practicing medical professionals.  The hospitality team focuses primarily on assisting guests visiting the ship such as visiting dignitaries, Mercy Ships partners, government officials, and the like.

    I will leave it to the current team and alumni host/hostesses to answer what their favorite part has been about serving on the Hospitality team.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance and thank you for joining us in our mission to bring hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor!

    Grace and peace,

  • Jeremy BrewerJeremy Brewer Posts: 82

    I did confirm with Brad Morgan that your position responsibilities will not bring you into contact with the patients.  However, there is the opportunity for a member of the crew to interact with patients in their off time.

    I hope this helps.

    Grace and peace,

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