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Childcare during Texas Onboarding

Hi there,

Barney and I will be joining onboarding in September, and we need to start planning childcare for our two kids (4 and 15months). I’ve emailed a local nursery but not yet heard back. Does anyone else have any suggestions in case this doesn’t work out? 

Will both Barney and I be involved every day of onboarding, I.e do we need to arrange childcare for each day? Not sure if it will be predominently Barney as he is the FT and I am the PCG?


Liz x 


  • Jeremy BrewerJeremy Brewer Posts: 82
    Hi Elizabeth!  

    I'm Jeremy, a recruiter from Mercy Ships.  I'm so excited that you all will be joining us for onboarding and to serve with us on the Africa Mercy.  I had the opportunity to meet your husband briefly when we Skyped during his interview process and he gave such a wonderful impression.  We are all excited you will be joining us.

    I wanted to encourage you, as you prepare for onboarding, to know that many families have come before with their children so we will absolutely make sure that you have what you need for your family to be taken care of while you are here.  I encourage you to reach out to Remy van den Bogaerdt‍ , our Family Liaison for onboarding.  She will be able to answer any questions you have in regards to child care.  You can email her directly at: [email protected].

    Also, I would invite you to connect with Jennifer Brunenkant‍, as she is the Primary Care Giver in her family and they just went through onboarding this spring before heading to the ship as a family.  I'm sure they would be a wonderful resource/relationship as your family prepares for onboarding and the move to the Africa Mercy.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance and thank you for reaching out on the myMercy community as well.

    Grace and peace,

  • LynneLittleLynneLittle Posts: 6
    Hi Liz

    Just wanted to say hi as we are also attending the September Onboarding and look forward to meeting you all. We've booked our flight for Friday 21st September - 1125 from Heathrow! Lots still to do and we're all looking forward to finishing work and A Levels this month to finish preparing!

    Lynne,  Stuart and Matthew Little
  • Hi Lynne,

    So sorry for the delay - life is so hectic at the moment, a very busy season, as I’m sure you fully appreciate!! Lots to do, as you say! Lovely to connect, we very much look forward to meeting you in person during onboarding. Hope all goes well with A levels etc!

    Best wishes,


  • HannahMulvihillHannahMulvihill Posts: 69 ✭✭
    You're both going to meet each other at the End of Field Service celebration :) 
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