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Hi all! My name is Brittany and I will be serving in the Dining Room in May 2018! It's coming up! A silly question, but do the closets have hangers? It would be a shame to get aboard the ship and have no hangers for the closet! I'm totally ok with buying them and bringing them! Just want to be prepared :)



  • Jeremy BrewerJeremy Brewer Posts: 82
    Hello Britanny!

    ​Congrats on coming to serve with us on the Africa Mercy!  I'm Jeremy, the General Recruiter here at Mercy Ships, and I'm happy to assist you in anyway that I can.

    ​In regards to your question, you can expect there to be hangers in the cabin closets.  If you get there and find that you have none, you can always ask around for extras or check with Hospitality.  You, of course, are welcome to bring some of your own if you would like.

    ​Also, here is a link to a great running thread on myMercy where others have asked similar questions about what to pack and bring along. (

    ​Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.  Thank you for joining us in our mission to bring hope and healing!

    Grace and peace,

  • Stan MooreStan Moore Posts: 3
    Most closets are about 12 inches wide, so that is the amount of hanging space you will have.   Most have 3 or 4 hangers left from the previous occupant that did not want to take them home.  Stan
  • IrmaNoortIrmaNoort Posts: 18

    Hangers are always available, ask hospitality or in the boutique if you do not find enough of them in your cabin.

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