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Introduce yourself

My name is Sherry. I am from Houston Texas. I will be coming on board in December 2018. I will be serving in the dental department.
I am looking forward to joining and serving God with all of you.

Is anyone traveling from Houston or Los Angeles to arrive 12/16?


  • AlyssaRoweAlyssaRowe Medical Recruiter Posts: 144 - Current Staff
    Hi Sherry! So excited to have you as a part of our Dental Team in Guinea!


  • KellyGrizzardKellyGrizzard Posts: 119


    So glad to hear about your interest and
    upcoming service with Mercy Ships.

    I am the Church Relations Recruiter, which
    means I have some resources that are available for you if you are
    going to be speaking at a church to share about your journey.

    To see the Church Resources click HERE.

    Please let me know if I can be of any

    Many people get to share their experience when
    they return from the ship as well. 

    You don’t have to worry if that should be you.
    We have what you need to help you succeed.

    You are our greatest asset and we are honored
    to have you join us.

    Also,  if you are in the area of the
    International Operations Center in Lindale TX please let me

    I would love to give you a tour of our
    base.  The  tour would take an hour.  If you come on
    a Thursday we could take advantage of the community meeting and
    $3.50 lunch following.

    The meeting usually starts at 11 am and Lunch
    begins at 12.  During the year from August to May we meet one
    Thursday each month with the ship via telecommunications.  It
    is a neat experience.

    If you can’t make a Thursday we will still
    make the most of it but I would recommend combining the trip with
    something else in the area that would make it worth your while.


    Serving Together,




    William "Kelly"

    Recruiter, Church Relations

    [email protected]

    +1 903.939.7000 (main) | +1 903.939.7677 (direct)



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