Guinea 18/19

HannahMulvihill Crew Support CoordinatorMember Posts: 82 - Current Staff
Hello all potential Guinea Volunteers.

There are about 78 of you with confirmed dates for Guinea already and we havent even finished in Cameroon yet. SO exciting smiley Many of you have been on the ship before and are faithfully returning again for Guinea. Thank you! There are others who have never been to the ship before and are stepping out in faith for our upcoming field service in Guinea.

Say hi! Get to know each other and perhaps organise to meet up with each other before you go out to the ship or come to the office and visit the UK office part of the team. We love meeting crew!.

I am here to assist you in any way I can. You will all be hearing from me shortly if you havent already to get you started on the UK volunteer journey.



  • JudithDillon
    JudithDillon Mrs Member Posts: 4
    Hi Hannah

    it seems like a long way away to next February for the Guinea trip but I guess it will be here before I know it!! Really looking forward to joining everyone. 

  • HannahMulvihill
    HannahMulvihill Crew Support Coordinator Member Posts: 82 - Current Staff
    The Guidebook which is availble to download under the tab 'Volunteer' is the very BEST thing you can read if you are coming onboard this year or if you are exploring the possibility of joining the ship. It has answers to things you wouldnt even think to ask smiley 

    Any further questions, just ask!  
  • LynneLittle
    LynneLittle Member Posts: 6
    Hi all Guinea volunteers,  I together with my husband Stuart, and 18 year old son Matthew, will be going to Texas for OnBoarding in September, and then on to the ship in November.  We have been looking forward to this for four years and now it's really happening.  smiley  We will be going for two years as Ward Administrator (me), Carpenter (Stuart) and Deck Hand (Matthew).  We are starting to get vaccinations sorted (think we know what we're doing now!  Had our chest x-rays today!), have a plan for communicating to church and other friends and family (waiting for a big box of goodies from Hannah (thanks Hannah!)) and are trying to keep up with all the admin we need to sign, seal and email!  

    We live in Corsham in Wiltshire and would love to meet up any volunteers within reasonable visiting distance.  We're happy to drive to meet up.  We met up with Laurin and Esther Avara with new baby Elva last weekend who have already served on the ship and are heading back soon.  Was so lovely to meet them all and they were a mine of information!  Thanks guys!

    Please let us know if you would like to meet up or just chat online.   Anyone else doing September OnBoarding? We look forward to meeting anyone who will be there November onwards.
  • JillDavies
    JillDavies Member Posts: 2
    Hi Lynn
    I don’t Join until March next year and it seems a long way off at the moment. I shall be going as a physio and will really need to brush up on my skills having been retired for sometime. It would be great to make contact,perhaps after you have been .I live in Devon
    Not that many miles from Wiltshire. Sounds really lovely going as a family.
    All the best as you prepare- Jill
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  • HannahMulvihill
    HannahMulvihill Crew Support Coordinator Member Posts: 82 - Current Staff
    Love seeing you all connecting and communicating :) Do get in contact with me here in the UK office if you need anything to help you with your preperation for your time on the ship. Jill Davies‍ , the fact you managed to write on this page means you managed to log in already? If you have any other problems with logging in then just contact me.

  • LynneLittle
    LynneLittle Member Posts: 6
    Hi Jill

    We look forward to meeting you on the ship in March as we will still be there.  How long are you going for?  Yes, it is great that the three of us are going, very exciting.  We also have two daughters who are both finishing university this summer, one of whom is also getting married four weeks before we leave so quite a lot to pack in before we get to Texas!  I hope your 'skills brush up' goes well.

    Best wishes

  • lynneAnderson2
    lynneAnderson2 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Guys,

    I have just been reviewing all the chat here after Hannah gave me heads up to get onto this part of my mercy page.

    I have been accepted for service as a children's ward nurse in Guinea April and May 2019. I'll be travelling from Northern Ireland

    and have still to get lots of things organised, can't keep up with the emails coming in from all directions.

    I'm excited and nervous at having the opportunity to serve as a part of the mercy ships crew, a long awaited ambition being fulfilled and hope I can be a blessing to others.

    Think there will be some of you still on ship while I'm there too so will be good to meet you in person and let me know your advice and suggestions.

    Many Thanks,

  • MikeTemple
    MikeTemple Member Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone

    I”m Mike and joining the ship at the end of December, working in the shop. I am onboard until the beginning of March.

    just about there now, next step booking flights. 

    This will be my second time onboard, last time I worked in the galley, when the ship was in The Congo. I went with my brother in law so had a bit of company, but this time I am on my own.

    I live in Cornwall, so have a trek just to get to Heathrow.  If I can be if any help, with my limited experience just shout

  • HannahMulvihill
    HannahMulvihill Crew Support Coordinator Member Posts: 82 - Current Staff - here is an important link to the dress code we wish all crew to adhere to whilst serving on the ship in Guinea this year.

    Any questions, just ask!
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