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Anyone commencing service April?

Hi all. I'm on the countdown to starting my service as a ward nurse on 1st April and am very excited. I was wondering if anyone else is flying in the same day? I'm flying in from Nairobi at about 11.30 am and it would be great to see another bewildered face at the airport. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Cheers. Heather


  • Hi Heather, Keith and I arrive on April 1st at about 4:30pm. What time do you arrive? Maybe we can meet up at the airport!

    Blessings and safe travels to you!

  • I will also be arriving on April 1, around 430pm! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  • Great!! See you in 5+ weeks!
  • Hi Julie. I arrive at 11.30am. Hopefully well get to meet that evening as the newbies. Can't wait!!
  • Julie, what area will you and Keith be working in?
  • I'll be dining room staff and Keith will be a carpenter. How about you?
  • I'm a nurse and will be working in the ward.
  • EmilyHislopEmilyHislop Posts: 8
    Hi Everyone!

       I will be arriving at DLA on March 31st at 4:30pm and I'll be seriving the whole month of April as a PACU nurse! Anyone else arriving that day? I'm connecting through Brussels.  Can't wait to meet everyone! :)
  • Hey everyone!

    I'm Holly and I work in the UK office with Sandrine Gamaury‍. We, plus my fiance Tim Farquhar, are flying out on the 15th April from Brussels, landing in Douala at 4.35pm. 

    We're staying for two weeks and will be in the operations team - which means we will be put wherever we are needed at the time.. kitchen/housekeeping etc. 

    Can't wait to meet you guys :)

  • Hi there! OR Nurse here! I'll be flying from DC (March 30) to Douala (April 1 at 4:30pm) with a layover in Brussels, and was hoping to connect with travel buddies along with way!?
  • Tabitha EckertTabitha Eckert Posts: 7
    Hi! I'm flying from JFK to Brussels overnight on March 31 and then my flight leaves Brussels from Douala at 1050. (I'm on the flight arriving in Douala at 1635.) Excited to meet you all! 

    Also, I have WhatsApp and my number is 717-695-1213 in case some of you have layovers before the flight from Brussels and want to meet up in the airport for coffee or something... :)
  • charity01charity01 Posts: 1

    Hi! I'm an OR nurse flying from Toronto...exact date/time still to be determined (hopefully soon!). Can't wait to meet you all there!

  • DarylGrayDarylGray Posts: 4

    Hi! I am an OR nurse planning to arrive March 31st (booking ticket this week). Probably flying from JFK/NYC/USA through France if anyone is going my way then?

  • LindaKlufasLindaKlufas Posts: 7

    Hi I am an OR nurse from Alberta, Canada. Hoping to be going to the ship April 27 for 4 weeks. Looking forward to meeting previous volunteers, as well as new ones.

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