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A/V Tech questions

Hi, I'm currently part way through applying for the A/V position for October/November and I've got a couple of questions. I was wondering if there is any specific tech that you use that doesn't come under small pa or video projection (in another thread Ally mention satellite systems) so that I can fill any gaps in my knowledge before I need to fix it! Also I was looking at the dress code requirements in the Cameroon handbooks and was wondering if you consider this a person facing role (more formal attire) or more equipment based (classic 'techy' - black t shirt, steel toecaps and cargo trousers :D )?




  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 91 admin
    Hey, James!

    ​I know you and I have been chatting via email, but I have reached out to our current AV Tech onboard to help answer your questions. Stay tuned! Thanks again for your support and interest in serving with us.

    ​Looking Forward,

  • That's great, thanks Tesse.
  • Hi James!  One thing I wanted to mention is that, while serving as AV Technician aboard the Africa Mercy, every day is different!  You will definitely not be bored!  You will be working with presenters, musicians, and chaplains setting up audio, video, and lighting elements of our thrice-weekly regular gatherings in the International Lounge (our main meeting room).  You will also be troubleshooting problems with and making routine changes (including programming changes) to our satellite/cable TV distribution system.  To more directly answer your question above, the on-board TV distribution system is actually a small cable TV system just like you would find in a small land-based community, with satellite receivers, modulators, splitters, combiners, amplifiers, and yes, lots of cabling!  I hope this helps and feel free to come back with any other questions you might have.  Cheers!
  •  every day is different!  You will definitely not be bored!  

    That's why I go to Spring Harvest and New Wine. You get 15 minutes before the audience comes to; mic up an unknown speaker and get their unknown laptop/tablet to talk to the projector/ TV system and display the presentation correctly and those 15 minutes are dependent on the venue being unlocked and the speaker being able to find the venue!

    The TV distribution part should be easy enough, I've done a fair bit with computer networks - same theory, different protocols and connectors. It's more the programming part that I'm thinking about.

    Thanks for your reply John.


  • ZachParkerZachParker Posts: 5
    Hey James--

    Imwas the tech on board for three months in Benin. You're welcome to call me at (954) 519-5060 with any questions and to go more in depth,

    but an IT background is extremely helpful because you'll be answering help desk tickets most of the day. Small PA setups are often done by the Ministries team. You're biggest thing will be Monday mornings, Thursday nights, and Sunday nights services, along with other special events in the main room. You'll be working with a sound board and basic band setup on Monday Thursday and Sunday meetings or with ProPresenter doing video, depending on the availability of other volunteers who are qualified, trained, and signed off on the main room setup. You'll be able to train people to help with the services (just don't harass the old timers because they get grouchy about it sometimes). Your best labor pool is the crew if properly trained and willing to volunteer.

    You're also responsible for maintaining the shipboard TV system. Satellite communications is handled by the Systems Admin and IS Manager and isn't really in our job description.
  • ZachParkerZachParker Posts: 5
    I rewired the entire TV system in Benin and reprogrammed it, assuming nothing changed since 2017. It doesn't require much if any maintenance at all. The On-Call for the week is responsible for changing the TV channels that the crew members request in a book that's located on the secretary in Midships, so when you're cursed for a week that's about all the playing with the TV system you'll likely need to do.
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