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​I'm excited to be joining the ship in April. I was just wondering how much I should budget for extra expenses while on the ship per month. 


  • TesseLovelessTesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Posts: 90 admin

    ​Hello! Thanks for your support and desire to serve with us! We do have a suggested monthly budget spreadsheet that might assist you in budgeting for your service time. Your Placement Facilitator, Brianna Tucket‍, will be able to assist you by providing it. You can email her directly, and I have pinged her via this comment as well.

    ​I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing you onboard soon!

    ​Best Regards,


    ​General Recruiter
  • BriannaTuckerBriannaTucker Posts: 4 - Current Staff
    Hi Nicole,

    It varies person to person, but FinACE usually recommends budgeting at least $200 USD per month for personal expenses.

    I have attached the Suggested Minimum Monthly Budget form and the Budget Worksheet that FinACE sends to help you gauge how much you think you will need personally.

    I hope this help! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

    Best regards, 


    Medical Placement Facilitator 
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