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Are there counseling or psycology positions on board?

Hi! Serving aboard this ship with my husband has become my new dream. I am currently majoring in psycology and intend to get my masters degree if all goes according to plan. My concern is the only positions I have seen involving counseling seems to be in chaplain positions. So I am wondering if they only accept chaplains and ministers aboard the ship in counseling positions? Or do they accept just plain old counselors to work alongside the chaplains? And I guess my other question is do I need to be both an ordained minister and counselor to get this position? Sorry I am confused how it all works. If anything I will just cook or something, and put my degree on the back burner for a while. :) But I would love to put it to good use helping people. 

Thank you, Candice 


  • Hi Candice,

    Great question! We're so glad you are interested in possibly joining us on board. We have four full time chaplain positions and one of those four is for a licensed counselor. Our ship's counselor must be licensed in counselling, but need not be ordained as a chaplain or minister. It is our preference, however, for the remaining three positions that our chaplains have theological training and pastoral experience. Keep studying and working towards your goal. We need qualified people not only for the Africa Mercy, but for our next ship as well. I hope to see you on board one day!  
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