My daughter - Bkount disease

Good day,

My name is Martha Ene Ochigbo-Ogbu. I have a 5 years old daughter who had a surgery last year on her legs. A surgery meant to correct her bowing legs diagnosed as Blount Disease. Few months after the surgery when she started walking again, we discovered that one of her started bowing again, even more than how it was it before surgery. we spent a lot of money on the surgery that we can not afford the total sum for a repeat surgery as advised by the orthopaedic doctors.

Please she/we need your assistance to correct this. We would like to know what to do and how to go about it with Mercyship. Thanks a lot and may God bless you all as you do His work. Amen!


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    ​Hello! I'm Tesse, a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships. I am very sorry to hear of your daughters condition. I want to share a bit more about how our process works here at Mercy Ships.

    ​When we arrive in a country, we go through a screening process for several weeks where we review potential patients based on our ability to treat them. This typically happens in August. I see that you're located in Nigeria - while we'd love to serve in your country at some point soon, we are not currently scheduled to be in Nigeria for the foreseeable future.

    ​Thank you again for supporting our organization, and we hope and pray that your daughter has access to the care she needs very soon.

    ​Best Regards,

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