Dr Ravishankar FRCS(Edin)UK

I am a Eye surgeon with about 28 yrs experience in managing Retinal diseases and surgery with  passionate invlovement in Eye surgeries in children.

we run a Not-For -Profit eye hospital, at Mysore, India.

will be volunteering on board in Jan 2018 along with my wife and collegue Dr Uma FRCS(Edin) who is accomplished eye surgeon concentrating surgeries of adult cataracts.

In 2013 I served in   Guinea Conakry , in association with The Rotary Foundation.

we love to  gift sight . we have volunteered our time and skills very many times in the past in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


  • TesseLoveless
    TesseLoveless Talent Brand Manager Administrator Posts: 91 admin

    ​I'm Tesse, a Recruiter here at Mercy Ships. Thank you for your work around the world on behalf of those in need of your expertise. We look forward to having both you and your wife as part of our crew and community onboard very soon!

    ​Best Regards,

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