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Hi, my name is Maryanne Casey.  I am coming from Down Under to Cameroon this coming weekend to serve for 2 weeks as a dental assistant.  So excited!  I have a question about currency/money.......What are people's suggestions?  Eg: carry a small amount of Aussie dollars/US dollars particularly for my 8hour stop over in Johannesburg or just take my VISA card? 

Looking forward to being there in 6 days! 


  • RachelThompson
    RachelThompson Member Posts: 33

    We are so excited to have you join us this coming weekend. 

    Arriving on the weekend you will be given a small amount when you embark the Africa Mercy and can then withdraw more local currency before you head out to the Dental Clinic on the Monday.

    Regarding Johannesburg, if you will be in the airport your VISA card should be fine and Aussie dollars are a familiar currency to them, so it should not be hard to change currency if needed.

    However I have not travelled through there myself, Lucy Hedges‍ / Liezel Kohler‍ are you able to advise if US dollars are better to travel with in South Africa?

    Every Blessing!

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