Any other male nurses out there thinking of signing up?

Hi Guys,

Any other male nurses out there thinking of signing up? I trained and worked in Australia for many years. I served in the Navy there as a Ship's Engineer and Medic. After my tour I was an Ambulance Officer and then went onto Nursing. I'm retired and living in Canada now, but am finding retirement a bit lonely and boring. I've been volunteering as a Nurse at a local homeless shelter but have found it's a bit like trying to keep the ocean back with a broom. Thought I might try something a bit different, am I crazy? It would be nice to hear from a few of you, especially any other men that are serving or plan to serve. 


  • RachelThompson
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    Hey Mike,

    Crazy perhaps - but I like your thinking!

    We do have a high women to men ratios on the Wards however, we have plenty of male dentists, deck staff, engineers and cooks to keep you company!

    I have copied a couple of male nurses who you may like to say hello to: Scott Temple‍ ‍, Jared Clairmont‍ 

    Please let me know if you have any questions about Ship Life or the Application Process.

    Every Blessing,


    HR Facilitator AFM
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