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I have heard there is a gym onboard...

Hello! I will be serving in Cameroon April/May 2018 and I am very excited for the opportunity! 

One thing I am curious about is what the gym is like onboard the ship. Back home in Canada I train in weightlifting so I am wondering what kind of equipment is available so I can modify my training appropriately. I have looked through videos and photos but have found nothing except that it is small in size. 


  • Hi Alyssa, reading your question made me so happy! Thanks for asking. I'm also from Canada and did weightlifting previously - I've been living on the Ship for the last year and a half. While the gym is small, we recently had a generous donation from one of our board members that allowed us to order some top of the line equipment from Rogue Fitness. We currently have a squat rack which will allow you to bench/squat/shoulder press/deadlift to your hearts content :) We have an assortment of weights going up to 80lb dumbbells, some kettlebells, etc. There is also a brand new rowing machine, treadmill and two bikes in an attached room. Out on Deck 8 we have a boxing bag, pull up bar and gymnastic rings set up. Please let me know if you have more questions. I look forward to meeting you in April!

  • Thank you for your reply! This is exactly the answer I was looking for and I am very happy to know that the gym is so well equipped. 
  • Cooll! Am happy
  • Hi Alyssa,

    Attached are pictures recently taken of the gym.  There is also a seperate room with 2 stationary bicycles, treadmill and rowing machine.  See you in April!


    Africa Mercy

    Hospital Executive Assistant


  • Thanks Cecily for posting the pics of the gym and mentioning the other machines.  This and the other posts are very helpful.
  • You are welcome!  These were taken this month, January 2018, so are up to date!
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